Kevin Baggen

Name: Kevin Baggen
Study: Fontys Real Estate
Company: Escape Room Kerkrade

Escape from the ancient Rolduc Abbey, that is wat Kevin Baggen offers groups of 3 to 25 people per hour in Kerkrade. In March 2016, he completed his test period and started his first Escape Room in Parkstad. Back then, Kevin turned his hobby into an official company, named: Escape Room Kerkrade VOF. Together with his younger brother, Ian Baggen, he runs the company. They currently have two rooms in the attics of the Abbey, where guests must find their way out through solving riddles and puzzles. Communication and team work are the keywords in escaping the Abbey.

Besides the unique and more than 900-old location, Escape Room Kerkrade is characterized by renewing its rooms every year. In addition, there is a close collaboration with the Abby, where various packages can be enjoyed, for example: a lunch or dinner. Or guests can enjoy a nice brewed beer at the Brouwgilde in order to have a full abbey experience.

For the upcoming years, growth is the main goal for the young entrepreneurs. In addition: they will look into marketing communication, will raise more knowledge of labor law and wants to hire more staff members.