Joost Reintjes

Name: Joost Reintjes
Course: Mechatronics
Company: Reintjes Techniek

Joost's passion is the development of new technical systems as an entrepreneur, which led him to set up the company Reintjes Techniek in 2015.
Through his company, Joost hopes to contribute significant technical innovations both in the Netherlands and beyond.

Reintjes Techniek is a technical company which concentrates on the development of standard products within Mechatronics. These could take the form of systems which are used for the support and implementation of assembly- modification,- and processing activities. 

In the future, Joost hopes to lead a healthy and growing company, known for it's in-house expertise, good profit statement, and motivated employees. In addition, he hopes to transfer his own passion and drive so that his future employees enjoy their work as much as he does.

Once Joost has been admitted to the Student Entrepreneur Program, he will be able to complete a challenging company project as his graduation assignment. Of course, Joost can make good use of the extra coaching and Master classes provided by the program.