Gyan van den Bogert & Mike Van Wijnen

Name: Gyan van den Bogert and Mike Van Wijnen
 Commercial economy - Digital Business Concepts
Company: Mediya

Mediya is a company that makes powerful custom websites for companies. However, Mediya has another branch that focuses on maintaining websites called: WPmonitoring. WPmonitoring automates the updating of sites and checks the sites before and after updating to see if the site is still working as it should. This entire process is automatic, which saves a lot of time.

Gyan van den Bogert and Mike Van Wijnen came up with the idea of ​​Mediya because of their interests; online, entrepreneurship and marketing to see what matched these. Gyan and Mike received a lot of demand for sites from the network and so they started developing some sites. 1 year later it has already grown considerably and Gyan and Mike have already been able to help 25 companies in 2021.

Mediya is currently fully operational and has great collaborations planned. WPmonitoring is currently in the alpha phase. External parties that have registered themselves can now test the software, the collected data / feedback is processed and WPmonitoring is expected to be fully live within a month.

From Fontys Centre for Entrepeneurship, Gyan and Mike would like support with certain laws and regulations. Gyan and Mike would like to do an internship in their own company for half a year so that they can fully focus on the growth and development of their companies.