Geert Bens

Name: Geert Bens
T&G Created

T&G Created is a web agency, set up by two friends who have known each other since primary school. These two friends are called Teun & Geert. Hence the two letters in the company name. With two completely different studies, but also differences in their character, these friends complement each other in different areas. It all started with philosophizing about their own company when Teun & Geert realized that, in addition to their studies, they could develop themselves even better and faster when they could also do their job. They quit their student jobs and got to work. They became even more enthusiastic when they saw that they could help people to become more visible in the
online world.

T&G Created has been active for a year now and has already completed many successful projects. Their strength lies in a well thought-out process and a personal approach. They listen to the wishes of the customer and use their expertise to achieve the right result.

Teun and Geert come especially for the knowledge that the CVO possesses. They want to grow and
look for the right tools for this. But for what, hear what! So if you have questions about websites or
you can always contact them in a webshop.