Dutch2USA Internships

Ambience photo Fontys
“The intent of the Dutch2USA Internship Program is to further the career prospects of minority and economically disadvantaged students, who might otherwise be denied the opportunity to pursue their professional ambitions. When in the United States, these Dutch students will serve as ambassadors of the Netherlands, fostering deeper understanding between our two countries. They will bring back valuable stories about their U.S. experience when they return home.” -John Padget

Eligibility criteria:

  • You must be 20 years or older when starting your internship
  • You are studying at, or a recent graduate of, a Dutch college or university (HBO or WO)
  • If a recent graduate, your internship start date must be no more than 1 year after your graduation date
  • You are high-achieving and your grade average is at least 7.0/10.0
  • You are from a low-income background and do not have the means to afford an internship in the US
  • You have either secured an internship or are in the process of applying for an internship and can show proof of having applied to an American company or organization
  • You have, or will have, permanent ties to the Netherlands
  • If still in university, your internship is approved by your university
  • Your knowledge of English is sufficient
  • Your internship complies with the requirements of the US government for a J-1 visa and you will not be interning under the ESTA

Read all details about the application procedure and the amount you potentially get, as well as testimonials of previous students on the website of the Netherland-America Foundation: click here to read more