Going abroad as a freemover means that you do not participate in an exchange programme at one of our partner universities but instead you arrange your semester abroad all by yourself. 

Pros of going abroad as a freemover

You are not limited to the partner universities of Fontys, you can go to any university as long as your choice of courses is approved by the exam committee.

As a freemover you will be able to go to a country that is not listed amongst our partner database.

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Cons of going abroad as a freemover

You will be responible for arranging your stay abroad, which means you will have to reserve more time for making all the necessary arrangements.

You will have to pay tuition fees at both Fontys and the university abroad.

You cannot apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

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Tips for Freemovers

- Always discuss your plans with your coordinator Internationalisation.

- A great place to get more information about studying abroad is the website of WilWeg. Here you can find information about the possibilities of studying in different countries.

** Please note that you cannot go as a Freemover if the university is already a partner university of Fontys.