Registration and deadlines

All studies or internships abroad need to be registered in our online system Mobility Online. Please be aware of the deadlines for a minor abroad, an internship and the deadlines for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

For all travel advice, please be aware that changes may occur between the moment of registration and the start of your Minor Study Abroad that may not allow travel to certain countries. Please make sure to check the latest status on via Reisadviezen | Nederland Wereldwijd

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Registration internship abroad

The deadlines for registration for an internship are flexible, however, an important rule is that before you start the internship, the Learning Agreement and Grant Agreement must be signed. Therefore, you need to register your internship abroad as soon as you know where you are going and take into consideration that there is time needed to sign the required documents before start. Otherwise you are not eligible for the Erasmus+ scholarship.

Application deadline period Fall 2023

System opens Deadline
Study Abroad 23/01//2023 06/02/2023
Internship Abroad 23/01//2023 21/08/2023
Freemover 23/01//2023 21/08/2023
Erasmus scholarship study 23/01//2023 30/06/2023
Erasmus scholarship internship 23/01//2023 28/07/2023

Application deadline period Spring 2024

System opens Deadline
Study Abroad 04/09/2023 09.00 hr. a.m. 11/09/2023 12.00 hr. p.m. (noon)
Internship Abroad 04/09/2023 09.00 hr. a.m. 21/01/2024
Freemover 04/09/2023 09.00 hr. a.m. 21/01/2024
Erasmus scholarship study 04/09/2023 09.00 hr. a.m. 29/11/2023
Erasmus scholarship internship 04/09/2023 09.00 hr. a.m. 09/01/2024

Application deadline period Fall 2024

System opens Deadline
Study Abroad TBC TBC
Internship Abroad TBC TBC
Freemover TBC TBC
Erasmus scholarship study TBC TBC
Erasmus scholarship internship TBC TBC