Budget Planner

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The table below is an explanation on how to consider each question asked within the Budget Planner. Use the included links to find the information you need and to research your specific situation as well as the partner(s) you intend to choose in your Study Abroad application form in Mobility Online.

Erasmus+ ScholarshipIf you are going to an Erasmus+ partner university, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Click the link to learn more about eligibility, scholarship amounts and extra scholarship possibilities.
Other scholarshipsThere are other scholarship opportunities listed on our scholarships page. You can also check HERE for many more options.
OV-vergoedingYou can apply for financial compensation of your OV-student card. Check the DUO website to find what else is applicable in your situation.
Loan from DUOAt DUO, you can apply for student financing.
Room rent in the NetherlandsThink about if you will need to continue paying rent for your current apartment.
Room rent in host country Transportation in host countryA search on the internet for student living costs will give you a good idea of the expenses you can expect while living in your host country.
Travel InsuranceHere is a link to a comparator tool of various travel insurance options.
Health Insurance in the NetherlandsYou will need to continue at least your basic Dutch health insurance while you are abroad. Check with your insurance company about the extent and type of coverage while you are abroad. You may want to consider adding additional coverage for your time away.
Health Insurance in host countrySome host countries may require you to register for health insurance while living abroad.
Telephone/internetDepending on which country you go to, you may be able to use your current mobile number and data plan. If not, you may need to purchase a new plan for the time you are away. There are plenty of cheap eSim options available.
FoodDepending on your host country, food can be a major expense while living abroad.
Social Activities (touring, eating out, etc.) Sports, hobbies Personal CareSet a realistic budget for what you think you will spend on your social activities and personal care requirements. Make a list of your current monthly expenses for a rough estimate.
TuitionWill you need to pay tuition at your host university as well as at Fontys? You may need to factor in the cost of both.
VisaMany countries require international students to obtain a student visa. The cost for a visa varies from country to country.
(Green) Travel to/from host countryFactor in the cost of your travel to and from your host country. We recommend considering “green” travel that not only positively impacts the environment but may also increase your scholarship amount.
School books & materials School suppliesYou most likely will need to purchase books and supplies while abroad. (You may also be able to re-sell them before your return!)
Unforeseen costsThis is your rainy day fund. What kind of funds will you need if you lose your books, your phone, miss your plane/train, need medical attention, etc.?