Fall 2024 Enrolment

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We have a new and improved look and feel for our online Study Abroad (SA) student application form!

In your form, you will complete the following details:

1. Application details
2. Personal data
3. Data concerning the Study
4. Data concerning the Stay:
- Partner Choices:
- All students who apply for an exchange will have a choice of their own cluster partners as well as all Fontys Wide partners.
5. Emergency contact details
6. Language Competence
7. Financial Information
8. Budget Planner
- In the planner, you will need to consider your expenses both in your host country as well as back at home. There are also several sources of income you can investigate to help offset your costs.
9. Other information

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Budget Planner

The Budget Planner is a new element in the Study Abroad application form. The planner is designed to give you a realistic view of the expenses and income in your journey to study abroad.

Click on the link for all the details of the planner.

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For every application, we first check to see if you meet the conditions to go on an exchange known as the “P-Check”. The P-check is done by each institute to see if you have the credits required to achieve your Propaedeutics before you go abroad (some institutes do have exceptions to this rule). You are allowed to move on to the Draw only if you meet the required entry criteria from your institute.

If you have questions about this process, please contact your International Coordinator.

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Starting from the Fall 2024 selection period, we will start using a Draw within Mobility Online for selecting students for outgoing SA exchanges. A draw is a process for selecting and allocating a student to a partner university by means of random selection. If you complete and submit a SA student application and pass the P-check, you are entered into the Draw.

Round 1
• The draw starts with partner Choice 1. Students are randomly selected for their first-choice partner until the number of spaces at that partner are filled.
• If you are not placed with your Choice 1 partner, the same process will take place for Choice 2 and Choice 3 partners.
• If you are selected for an exchange at a partner university, you will receive an automated confirmation email through Mobility Online.
• If you are not selected in this round, you will receive a message through Mobility Online informing you of your option to participate in Round 2.

Round 2
In this round, you may apply to a partner university that still has open spots. You can see this in your own application in the drop-down menu for partners.
• The exact dates and the open spaces for the round will be communicated directly to the non-selected students from Round 1.
• Round 2 is only for students who have applied in Round 1 and did not get selected for any of their choices, this is not an opportunity for new applications!

Round 2 Draw
• If you are not placed at a partner university in Round 1, you will have the option to participate in Round 2.
• To participate in Round 2, you must go to your Mobility Online workflow and checkmark the "Participate in second application round confirm/decline" box.
• For Round 2, a draw will take place in the same manner as Round 1.

If you are not selected in Round 1 or Round 2, you may still have other options for going abroad, such as a freemover or going on an internship. Please check with your International Coordinator.

Exception for students from the Academy of the Arts
• If you are an Arts student, you may be excluded from the draw as you are not selected by Fontys, but rather by the partner after you send in your audition/portfolio, depending on partner requirements.
• It is your responsibility to research the audition / portfolio procedure and deadlines of your selected partner universities.
• If you select Fonty-wide partners for all 3 choices or as a 1st choice, you WILL be included in the draw.
• We recommend that you follow the application procedure for your other cluster partner choices in case you are not placed with a Fontys-wide partner.