Internship abroad

General information:

An internship abroad or graduation internship abroad strenghtens your resume, has a positive effect when looking for a job, you improve your foreign language skills and you meet people from other cultures which contributes to your personal development.​ ​And, of course, doing an internship abroad can be lots of fun too!

​If you consider an internship abroad this is the right place to start. You will get tips on how to find an internship, how to register (and apply for a scholarship) and you also might want to download the PDF-file with guidelines for internship abroad or watch our introduction video.

If after viewing this website you have any questions you can always contact the international coordinator of your Fontys institute, or team study abroad. We are very willing to help you with all of your questions.

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Find an internship:

Most Fontys students will have to find the (graduation) internship position by themselves.

Below we provide you with a list of networks and websites that provide support in finding an internship. Next to that the internship coordinator or international coordinator of your Fontys School might have options available or knows about companies where previous students went abroad.


Fontys is a member of GoinGlobal.
GoinGlobal contains information concerning career and employment, including worldwide internship and job offers (including the Netherlands), information concerning employer's statements, company profiles and background information, and resources to find a job or internship in 40 countries.

Once you create a personal account whilst on Fontys campus, you can get a customized homepage job alerts and bookmarks, which will also be available off campus.
Click here to create an account and get access to all the benefits of this network!

LEO-NET network

Fontys is part of the LEO-NET network. Please see the internship opportunities on their database and look at their website to find a list of intermediaries and websites where international internships are published.


Please take a look at the Scholarships page.

You will find information about scholarships of Erasmus+ and Holland Scholarship for internships.
There are also scholarships options for internships áfter graduation.

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Since the UK left the EU the stay in the UK for an internship has been significantly more difficult. It requires a lot more time and effort in order to get a visa. Please inform yourself and find information on the website of the embassy. Also, Erasmus+ scholarships are from Fall 2022 semester no longer available to students that go to the UK.

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