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Online session | How to write a successful Artistic Research Proposal | Online
23 Apr 2024 17:00 - 20:00 CEST

Interactive Online Session - How to write a successful Artistic Research Proposal Hosted by Master Performing Public Space (Fontys Academy of the Arts, The Netherlands)

Are you an artist interested in performing public space?

Join us for an online session where we collectively think through your artistic practice in public space.

This interactive online meeting will give you more insights into our one-year blended Master programme and discuss tips on how to design a successful artistic research proposal. Following the guidelines of the program, we can discuss titles, the focus within artistic research topics, research questions and artistic research methods.

Meet the PPS team and work with the tutors on defining the essential outlines of your artistic research proposal. During this session you will be introduced to the main principles of artistic research and the way they are used and applied in this program and beyond. It is also an opportunity to discuss your artistic practice related to public space with peers and the team of PPS.

This session is for artists who want to learn how to design a successful artistic research plan and/or are considering application to the Master PPS. It is also an opportunity to discuss your artistic practice related to public space with peers and the team of PPS.


  • Introduction to the master programme PPS and how we work with artistic research. Hosted by Ulla Havenga (coordinator) and Heleen de Hoon (programme director).
  • Conversation/exchange about your artistic practice in public space with David Limaverde (artist, researcher, PPS tutor)
  • Practical tips and guidelines for designing an artistic research proposal hosted by Danae Theodoridou (artist, researcher, PPS tutor)

Registration required.

Participation fee: Free of charge

Webinar: Master of Music | Online
05 Jun 2024 18:00 - 20:30 CEST

Nice of you to register for this webinar.

During the webinar, we will provide information about the study programme and about admission. Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions about the Master, all from the comfort of your home.

You can also e-mail your questions to at any time.

About Fontys Academy of the Arts

For those who want to turn the world around...
Your starting point is your art discipline and critical view on society.
In an open, free atmosphere and a challenging, edgy learning and research environment, you develop your own artistic language and our collective future together with other art students, teachers, and art sector.

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Were you can grow, learn and become the best version of yourself that you can be.

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Artistic Research

Lectorate Artistic Connective Practices

Fontys research is conducted in close cooperation with the professional field and is aimed at renewing and improving the professional practice for which we educate students. The research is organized within lectorates and expertise centers.

Artistic Research Days

During the Artistic Research Days, Fontys Academy of the Arts' master programmes collaborate on research projects.

Society for Artistic Research | Research Catalogue

Fontys Academy of the Arts is a proud member of the Society for Artistic Research and an official portal partner of the Research Catalogue.

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The Research Catalogue is a powerful, non-commercial, inclusive collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research, which was founded in Switzerland in 2010.
The Research Catalogue functions as a platform for the dissemination of self-published content as well as peer-reviewed publications. This open-source catalogue connects academic discourse and artistic practice.
It also serves as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment and peer review workflows. With more than more than 12.000 registered users, the Research Catalogue is the most used digital platform for artistic research to this day. Fontys offers free life-long user accounts to all students, teachers and staff.
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IDEAS: inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, social safety

Students and employees of Fontys Academy of the Arts have a fundamental right to feel safe. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. When a student or employee feels that there is unacceptable behaviour (bullying, sexually transgressive behaviour, discrimination, intimidation, racism, aggression or violence), this must be responded to appropriately. In short, they feel seen and heard according to their wishes. Here is an overview of various websites and internal portals with information about support options when confronted with unacceptable behaviour. The topic of “social safety” receives ample structural attention.

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You can always mail to team IDEAS; they will contact you as soon as possible!

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Alumni and work field

Fontys Academy of the Arts is very proud of its graduates and we would therefore like to stay in touch with them. The input we receive from our alumni and thus the professional field is essential for the innovation of our programmes. Moreover, we offer our alumni a Lifelong Learning programme, so that they may continue to grow on an academic level, even when they are already long graduated.


Fontys Academy of the Arts organises several events throughout the year. They are often open for everyone to attend. Are you interested in one of our programmes, for example? Then you should come and join one of our events.

We are looking forward to see you soon!

Events Calendar

Take a look at our very own events calendar. We often have several performances (dance, music, circus), workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Artistic Research Days

The Artistic Research Days are a joint initiative between the five Master programmes of Fontys Academy of the Arts. The research days celebrate Artistic Research as a fundamental methodology enhancing artistic and educational processes.

European Clarinet Congress

From the 6th till the 9th of December 2023, the European Clarinet Congress will take place in Tilburg. There will be multiple workshops, lectures, and concerts focussing on the modern role of the clarinet.