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Confidential counsellor (CC)
A student/employee who wishes to remain anonymous and who wishes to have a confidential conversation can, for a report or complaint about undesirable behaviour (bullying, discrimination, intimidation, sexual harassment, racism, aggression and violence; see link for further details) contact the confidential counsellors. You can also always contact one of our confidential counsellors if you need someone to talk to or for information.

Knowledge about referral, 1st safe point of contact within the education programme.

Student+ support team
For extra mental support you can seek help from the FHK student+ support team, if you are experiencing one or more of the following problems: - Studying at the programme for which you are, or were previously, very motivated is not going as well as you would like (anymore). - You feel that the (study) pressure is becoming too big. - Personal issues are obstructing your motivation and study progress. For example, stress, (failure) anxiety, depression, negative self-image, lack of self-confidence, worrying, panic, social phobia, high sensitivity, identity problems, etc. - There are also other issues that can hamper normal study progress. For example, difficulties planning or prioritising, procrastination, poor concentration. Or autism spectrum issues, problems related to dyslexia or dyscalculia, a disability, or the home situation or caregiver burdens.

The areas of work of deans and confidential counsellors are closely connected and even sometimes overlap. Yet there is a clear difference. Deans mainly offer help in the field of study choice, studying, switching studies, student finance, etc. In short; all matters pertaining to your studies. Confidential matters can also be discussed with deans within their field of expertise, and the deans are also subject to a duty of confidentiality. However: confidential matters such as (sexual) harassment, discrimination, bullying, aggression, and violence fall into the specific area of expertise of the confidential counsellor.


The student psychologist can help you with complaints, concerns or problems for which you do not see an immediate solution, through short-term therapy. Depending on your complaints, concerns or problems, you may be referred. Do you suffer from motivation problems? Then make an appointment with the dean.

Company doctor
Two company doctors are available to Fontys, holding consultation hours to advise employees and managers on reintegration options. The company doctor's advice may be required when assessing occupational disability. During the process, the company doctor is the medical advisor for employees and direct managers. In principle, all appointments with the company doctor are made through the manager, but it is also possible to request a preventive consultation with the company doctor directly.

Ombudsman personeel

In the event of (imminent) differences of opinion/conflicts between managers and employees, as well as the higher-level manager and mediation from the P&O department and/or mediator, there is the ombudsman personnel. You can contact them for advice or you can submit a complaint to them, whereby they will always consider whether there are possibilities to resolve the complaint. This can be, for example, mediation or a referral.

Labour dispute / official complaint
Labour conflicts belong to the Personnel and Organisation department. The P&O consultant can address various internal or external parties, e.g. call in a mediator or the staff ombudsman. Both the staff ombudsman and the confidential counsellors stand for a safe working (and learning) environment. They differ from each other on subject matter, positioning and attitude. Importantly, when filing an official complaint (send an email to, you (student/employee) cannot remain anonymous. With or without the help of your confidant, you can submit a complaint to the Complaints Committee. This committee first examines whether the complaint is admissible and, if so, the committee investigates whether it is founded. Only on the basis of a well-founded decision will the Executive Board take action. Your confidential advisor can assist you in this procedure. The full complaints procedure is described in the 'Unacceptable Behaviour

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