Stichting Bioart Laboratories

BioArt Laboratories functions as a gateway to a world of unlimited possibilities where science, nature, technology and creativity go hand in hand. These domains together form the foundation for a sustainable bio-based community which offers ample room for the thinking and creating human.

As pioneers, we offer an inspiring environment to experiment, and to develop new ideas. BioArt Laboratories encourages the cross over amongst different domains in order to achieve innovative materials and creative solutions. To achieve this goal, we facilitate the development of international top-talents and trained experts.

BioArt Laboratories Foundation is a multidisciplinary international operating non profit organisation with a focus on top-talents. We attract designers, technicians, students, artists, businesses, academics, and others who are interested in the crossover between science, nature, technology, and creativity. By doing so, we consolidate a potent human capital pool for Eindhoven and its region.

Every year we welcome researchers, bio-professionals, and students to work on innovative projects. The changing population ensures that the laboratory can act as the breeding space for the crossover innovation it stands for.

BioArt Laboratories was founded in 2011 bij Jalila Essaïdi. By 2014, it successfully established a physical foothold in Eindhoven, Noord Brabant in the Netherlands.