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The financing ecosystem in agrifood in the Dutch-German border region

My name is Mechleen Abboud (student at FOntys Hogeschool).

The agrifood industry – agriculture in particular – is highly capital intensive. External financing becomes more and more important, as capital tie-up increases. Financing ecosystems can differ between regions, even more across national borders. In this project, the aim is to analyze the financing ecosystem in the Dutch-German border region Euregio Rhein-Maas-Nord.

Based on literature study, secondary data and own expert interviews – with interview partners from financing institutions and companies requesting financing – the financing process in the agrifood sector will be characterized and analyzed with regard to cross-border differences. The study shall provide advice to financing institutions, policymakers and companies in the agrifood industry and promote cross-border learning and cooperation. Results will be shared with the stakeholders in the region.

Contact: Mechleen Abboud, m.abboud@fontys.nl.