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Library news

Fontys is committed to "digital first" and therefore physical collections will largely disappear. In connection with this new policy, it is no longer possible to reserve books online via Fontys Finder.

The physical collection on TF will remain available to students of FMG, FSS, FPH & FEC (R3 collection is temporarily available in library TF -second floor). Students of these programmes can reserve desired titles via the counter of library TF.

Click here for the email address or phone number.

New Databases:

- Access Physiotherapy: contains books, procedures and excercise video's, images and evaluation tools.

- BioDigital Human: contains complex 3D models designed for educational programs with an anatomy component

New: Searchwise

SearchWise is a comprehensive online course on Information Skills, where you will learn all about searching, assessing, selecting and processing sources for study and research.


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