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More information

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Some programmes/ institutes also offer minors specifically for students of their own programme/institute. These minors are not listed on this website but on the portal of your programme/institute.

The purpose of the minor regulations is to inform you about what you as a student will learn in the minor, what the assessment will look like and when you will have completed the minor. As a student, you can derive rights from the minor regulation.

As a student at Fontys, you can also choose to minor elsewhere. You can then choose for:

  • a minor abroad or an external minor, at another institution of higher education in the Netherlands. For that, check out the Kies op Maat website.
You can choose a minor if you have passed the propaedeutic phase of your bachelor’s degree. The minors in the Fontys assortment are almost all full-time and most of them are offered twice a year: in September and in February. Make sure that you check with your own study programme that there is no overlap with your major. This is mentioned in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of your programme, if necessary, consult your study counsellor. You can also go there if you want to choose a minor offered by your own study programme.