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Practical and innovative

Practice-based research at Fontys focuses on social issues and contributes to innovation in the professional world. Our practice-based research is organised within lectorates, centres of expertise and knowledge centres, and is carried out together with partners from the professional field and fellow educational institutions.

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Knowledge themes

Using six knowledge themes, we connect with regional knowledge networks and focus on the development of Fontys into a knowledge-intensive network organisation.

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Creative economy

Art is a source of inspiration for change. With artistic and creative forms of work, such as research through design, we can stimulate change.

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Future of learning

Learning is essential in our rapidly changing society where radical developments are the order of the day. We are investigating how we can best organise and support this.

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Smart mobility

With a strong focus on sustainability and energy transition, we contribute to mobility in the region and the rest of the Netherlands. Vehicle safety, logistics chains, and mobility data are also relevant themes.

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Sustainability & circularity

Through circular transition, we can achieve a sustainable, inclusive economy and society. How do we ensure that innovations are embraced, and that existing habits and ideas are abandoned?

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Healthy and inclusive society

We strive for a society that offers everyone fair access to health and in which everyone can participate fully.

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Enabling technologies

Technology can make a major contribution to challenges in health and care, agriculture, food and water, security, energy transitions, and sustainability.

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