Overview of Clusters

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Beginning of 2022 Fontys introduced a cluster structure to group our Fontys Schools.

We list here these Clusters. As our partner you have a Cluster contract, multiple cluster contracts or a Fontys wide contract. To read more about cluster specifi information, please go to the cluster page.

Below you can find an overview of the Fontys Schools in each cluster and the contact person per Fontys School.

In case of general questions or if you do not know to which cluster your partnership belongs, please email studyabroad@fontys.nl.

Overview Fontys Clusters and Schools

ClusterFontys SchoolContactE-mail
EconomicsFontys JournalismLammert Landmanl.landman@fontys.nl
Fontys Marketing and CommunicationJanneke Aussems / Sylvie Braan-Copinfmc-internationaldesk@fontys.nl
Fontys Academy for the Creative EconomyInge Hendriksi.hendriks@fontys.nl
Fontys Business and CommunicationLonneke HoefeijzersLonneke.hoefeijzers@fontys.nl
Fontys International Business StudiesMichelle Greenem.greene@fontys.nl
Fontys Academy of LawNoortje Vermijsn.vermijs@fontys.nl
People and SocietyFontys HRM and Applied PsychologyMarjolein Nispeling-van Huijkelomhrmandpinternational@fontys.nl
Fontys People and Health StudiesHarry van de Leygraafh.vandeleygraaf@fontys.nl
Fontys Pedagogical StudiesMarieke Derikxm.derikx@fontys.nl
Fontys Sport StudiesRonald Hilleger.hillege@fontys.nl
Fontys Social StudiesPaul Streefkerkp.streefkerk@fontys.nl
Fontys Allied Health ProfessionsSabine van Overvelds.vanoverveld@fontys.nl
TechnologyFontys Information and Communication TechnologyMarilyn Baileym.bailey@fontys.nl
Fontys EngineeringNico van der Aan.vanderaa@fontys.nl
Fontys Business Management, Education and TechnologyRian van den Nieuwenhofr.vandennieuwenhof@fontys.nl
Fontys Natural SciencesAntje van den Bergantje.vandenberg@fontys.nl
Fontys Technology and LogisticsFranka van den Bongardfhtenl-studyabroad@fontys.nl
ArtsFontys Academy of the ArtsEva Knechtl / Marjolein Hoetelmansfhkinternational@fontys.nl
EducationFontys Teacher Training for Secondary Education TilburgRian van den Nieuwenhofflotinternational@fontys.nl
Fontys Teacher Training for Secondary Education SittardJoris Pistersj.pisters@fontys.nl
Fontys Child Studies and EducationMarleen van den Engelh.vandenengel@fontys.nl