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Informal care

Do you take care of a loved one who has a long-term illness, a disability or needs help? If so, you are a carer. Even if the care feels obvious. Informal care is help that goes beyond the so-called 'usual help'.
What is it? 

Informal care is any help to someone in your social circle. It also includes less intensive help, such as help to housemates. Almost everyone has to deal with informal care sooner or later. In that case, you sometimes care for someone else 24 hours a day and you cannot just stop doing so. 

What can you do yourself? 

While it is incredibly nice and valuable that you can help and support your nearest, it is important not to lose sight of yourself. Mantel care combined with your studies can be very stressful. 

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Some tips at a glance
  • Share your care(s) with family/friends;
  • Ask for help with certain tasks, perhaps some can be taken over from you;
  • See what help is available from the municipality;
  • Tell your student coach that you are a carer, so that he or she can help you combine your studies with your caring responsibilities.

Contact team Student Guidance 

  • Should you want to exchange views on the topic of informal care, make an appointment with a student psychologist.
  • If your private circumstances are an actual impediment to your study progress, please book an appointment with a student counsellor.