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Health care allowance

If you have a job in the Netherlands you have to get Dutch basic health insurance. As the costs of Dutch public healthcare insurance can weigh heavily on a small budget, the Dutch government provides a healthcare allowance to people with low incomes. If you are insured through a Dutch public healthcare insurance you are eligible to apply for this healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag) .

The amount of healthcare allowance you can receive depends on your income. If you would like to know how much health care allowance you will receive, do a test calculation on www.toeslagen.nl (only in Dutch). This will tell you whether it will be worth your while to submit an application.

You can apply for a benefit online via the Mijn toeslagen section. You will need a DigiD for this. The 'Mijn toeslagen' section is only available in Dutch. You can also call the Tax Information Line. They can make an appointment for you at a tax office or refer you to a benefits service point. Here, they will help you with your application. The healthcare allowance application form is only available in Dutch.


Please note you are only entitled to health care allowance if you pay taxes in the Netherlands. The tax office will check this once a year. You will have to pay back all health care allowances you received illegally plus a big fine.

You have to discontinue the rent benefit if you are leaving the Netherlands.