Do not travel abroad for study or internship, update 42

Update C

Due to the Corona pandemic, the global travel advice is currently code orange or red. This has consequences for the planned international trips of students.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives urgent advice for all foreign regions not to travel there. In yesterday's press conference the message was again clear; stay in the Netherlands. According to the Fontys’ policy for international mobility, Fontys issues a 'no-go' for foreign trips to countries with an orange or red travel advice and translates this into a very urgent advice not to travel. This also applies to trips for which a green or yellow travel advice was in force at an earlier stage, for example at the time of registration.

We call upon all students who are registered for a stay abroad for study or internship during Spring 2021 to follow the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the urgent advice of Fontys and to stay in the Netherlands (or their permanent residence country) and not to travel abroad for study or internship. For students who cancel their foreign internship or study programme before departure, Fontys will make an effort to provide a suitable alternative.

Please realise that if the urgent advice given by Fontys is not followed, Fontys will not be responsible for the foreign trip in terms of insurance, repatriation or study delay. A stay abroad is entirely at your own risk. Moreover, Fontys does not provide any (substantive) guidance with respect to the study or internship components during the stay abroad.

We realise that this is a disappointment for our students who are enrolled for a stay abroad in Spring 2021. Especially if you had been planning to spend some time abroad during your studies at Fontys, or if you had already previously postponed your stay abroad because of the Corona pandemic. Fontys is the first to applaud a stay abroad. However, we also have a responsibility to contain the spread of the virus and that includes limiting social and international traffic. We have no choice but to follow the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the appeal of the Dutch Government, nor would we want to do otherwise. Only together can we get Corona under control.