Students become global citizens during WE ARE WEEK at Fontys ACI


During the WE ARE week from 3 to 6 December all second year Fontys ACI students come together to be inspired by the world and to expand their intercultural competences. They attend international keynote speakers and mix and mingle with international students and coaches from all over the world. The theme of this year’s WE ARE week is Global Citizenship.

At Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (Fontys ACI) the overall goal is the employability of students and graduates without (intercultural) borders. Fontys ACI is a key educator of entrepreneurs and creative minds in its region. Its region is no longer the city of Tilburg, the province or the Netherlands, the region has become the world.

Fontys ACI enhances the students’ employability and professional innovation through intensive collaborations with the creative industries. Students are coached during their study-path to become global citizens who can make themselves employable all over the world. Students become global citizens by means of education in an international environment and context and by development of self-cultivation skills. In order to enable students to become global citizens, students need to be able to work in an intercultural context and to react and adapt quickly to changes. Studying and working in an intercultural contextual environment certainly supports students’ and lecturers’ awareness of cultural dynamics. It enables students to expand their network, to gain new experiences, to bring theory into practice and to deal with new challenges.

During the WE ARE WEEK from 3 to 6 December in Tilburg students are not just asked to sit back, listen and be inspired. They are challenged to act by creating a concept benefiting Tilburg’s (sense of) international community. This concept will not be defined by their own study programme, as students will be working in multidisciplinary and intercultural groups, which our international guests and Fontys ACI lecturers are invited to coach. So, let’s act and be(come) global citizens together!