Are you insured while studying here?

IM Insure to Study-Week of the international student

Studying abroad is an adventure. You’ll be discovering new people, new cultures and new challenges. While looking for your perfect study, a place to live and maybe even a part-time job, you should also think about your (health) insurance while residing in The Netherlands.

Students from outside the European Union are automatically pointed to having health insurance during their application.

Governmental obligation
You need to have health insurance when you are studying in The Netherlands, even if you are an EU-student. This insurance must comply to Dutch norms for foreigners who study/work in The Netherlands, which you can check with your contact at the insurance company. If it doesn’t comply you can buy an add-on to your own health insurance via Insured to Study. Don’t assume that your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) suffices! Most of the time it doesn’t comply with the Dutch norms.

What is the add-on and how much does it cost?
Via Insured to Study you can buy the European Plan. This add-on gives you extra medical coverage and liability, luggage and household effects, legal aid and accidents and emergencies coverage for only 0.83 cents a day! You pay your premium online through IDEAL or by credit card for the period of your choice. You can pay per month, per quarter, per year or all at once.

So to sum up:
- Don’t assume your EHIC suffices; most of the time it doesn’t!
- Check with your own health insurance if your insurance complies with Dutch norms.
- When in doubt, buy the add-on at Insured to Study

Do you have any questions?
Contact Student Facilities International via internationalstudents@fontys.nl or take a look at fontys.edu/insurance!

Author: Student Facilities International