Adjusted mouth mask and quarantine regulations, update 63

NOTE: in this update, the rules for wearing mouth masks in update 62 (17-01-22) have been updated as per 26-01-2022 and 01-02-2022

Update C

At the Governments press conference of 25 January 2022, further relaxations were announced. So we can eat out again, go to the cinema and theatre and watch sporting events. At the same time, the number of infections is rising at a record pace. Alongside feelings of relief and joy, there will therefore also be feelings of uncertainty and fear, especially among vulnerable groups. This may also be the case among our students and staff.

We realise that the large number of infections is also disrupting the execution of our educational process at Fontys. In the private situation, but also at Fontys, it creates 'hassle' and extra work to guarantee the continuity of our education and research. In some places, it really requires a lot of tricks, both from the colleagues who are forced to sit at home and the colleagues who are at work.
Therefore, please stick to the measures (washing your hands, keeping your distance, ventilation, face masks), because they prevent absence and thus limit the pressure on our organisation and our students.

Wearing mouth masks
To contribute to a healthy and safe working environment and because it is mandatory to wear a mouthmask at educational locations, Fontys makes mouthmasks available to employees during work when they do not have them at their disposal at that moment. A one-off supply will be delivered to departments and institutes (BUs) in the course of this week (31 January - 4 February).

The rules for wearing face masks have been adjusted. Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. The mouth cap can be removed as of 26 January:
- when sitting down and you can keep a distance of one and a half metres.
- When you are obstructing the giving or receiving of education (e.g. sport, dance, singing, drama or situations in which safety is at stake.
- when you eat/drink and have a fixed place to sit/stand and are 1.5 metres away from others.
- if you cannot wear a mouth mask for medical reasons. In that case, you can submit a 'personal statement exempting you from the obligation to wear a mouth mask'.
The most recent rules about wearing a mouth mask can be found at https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/mondkapjes/mondkapje-verplicht.

Quarantine rules
The quarantine rules have been adjusted:
- If you are 18 or older, you do not have to go into quarantine if you have been in close contact with someone who has corona and you have no complaints yourself;
- If you are 18+, you do not have to go into quarantine if you were 'toasted' (more than a week ago) and have no symptoms, or if you were tested positive at the GGD (less than 8 weeks ago) and have no symptoms.
However, you are advised to avoid contact with elderly or vulnerable people for up to 10 days after your last contact with an infected person. The guidelines are available via Quarantine Check COVID-19 | Rijksoverheid.nl.