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ICT & Education

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ICT & Education

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The use of ICT in education is constantly developing and changing the way people learn. That’s why it’s vital that the educational sector keeps up with this and responds to it. ICT professionals who can make the transition between ICT and learning are indispensable. In this specialisation, the focus is on learning to teach. You will learn how to clearly explain ICT applications to students, and you will learn how to translate a question from the field of education into usable ICT tools and concepts. The disciplines of ICT, education, and communication come together. The course teaches you to anticipate the latest trends to bring about educational innovations.

After following this programme, you will receive the HBO-ICT certificate, which confirms that you are a second-degree teacher and HBO-ICT professional. You can teach in VMBO and MBO, and in the junior classes of HAVO and VWO. You may also give training courses for the business sector. After the programme, you can work at educational institutions or at companies that develop educational ICT applications.