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Accelerated Bachelor ICT & Software Engineering

Ambience photo Fontys

Ambience photo Fontys

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven) offers eligible international students to start the bachelor ICT & Software Engineering in a fast lane track (6 semesters = 3 years*), that will have an academic approach (including pre-master semester). This is Interesting for those students who want to stream up in a master programme in a research university immediately after bachelor graduation. This means that you can achieve your bachelor and master degree in 5 years' time.

Popular master tracks are:

University master's programmes have high demands regarding English language proficiency. That's why the study materials for academic preparation are in English. The course content takes a more theoretical approach and gradually increases in pace and abstraction over the course of the semesters. The programme intends to establish agreements for direct entry with multiple master's programmes. In the future, this will also become possible for other ICT specialisations. This accelerated bachelor's programme is only available at the Eindhoven campus.

3 or 3,5 years?

The accelerated bachelor's programme ICT & Software Engineering lasts for 3 years, provided that the student meets the pre-assessment requirements at the beginning. If the pre-assessment requirements are not met, the programme will take 3.5 years.

Start in September or February

If you wish to enroll for February 2024, make sure to apply by November 15, 2024, at the latest. The pre-assessment will take place on a date to be determined. If you apply after November 15, 2024, there is no guarantee of participation in the pre-assessment.

If you want to start in September 2024, please ensure you have applied by May 15, 2024, at the latest. Information about the pre-assessment will be published here in mid-May. If you apply after May 15, 2024, there is no guarantee of participation in the pre-assessment.

Subjects per semester Accelerated Bachelor ICT & Software Engineering

Semester 1

  • Basic software engineering
  • Project: Creating a meaningful desktop and web application for a limited amount of users.
  • Subjects: Object Oriented Programming, inheritance, simple design patterns, method overloading, class diagrams, web application, database, SOLID principles, simple algorithms, unit testing. Math: logic, set theorgy, linear algebra

Semester 2

  • Distributed Software Engineering
  • Project: Develop a full stack web application consisting of or cooperating with several components hosted on different machines
  • Subjects: Agile development (Scrum), REST-interfaces, full stack web development, object relation mapping (ORM), Angular/TypeScript, React, usability, international context, graph theory algorithms & Datastructures, Automata, Grammars & Parsers

Semester 3

  • Internship in a company
  • Subjects at Fontys: statistics, decision theory

Semester 4

  • Enterprise Software Engineering
  • Project: Create a large, robust and scalable enterprise application capable of dealing with huge amounts of data and/or users hosted in a cloud environment, using state of the art techniques with real company stakeholders
  • Subjects: Scalable architectures, high performance interfaces, test automation, continuous integration/continuous delivery (DEVOPS), high level architectures, software as a service, microservices, test automation function programming, parallelism & Synchronisation

Semester 5

  • Minor: Pre-master at the Technical University (TU/e)

Semester 6

  • Graduation assignment: graduation internship