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Data Driven Business Lab

  • Starts February and September
  • English
  • 30 ECTS
  • 5 months
Are you passionate about what data can do for the world we live in? Are you ready to learn? Ready to open doors to the complex and exciting world of companies riding the perfect wave? Then we invite you to dive into the Data Driven Business Lab minor at Fontys!

About this minor

In the Data Driven Business Lab minor, you can set your own goals and hone your skills in an international team. You will lean into what you're good at, chase greatness and dive into a learning adventure at Fontys University of Applied Science School of ICT.

Why the minor Data Driven Business Lab?

  • Set your own goals and tailor your learning experience in an international team.
  • Work on real projects from top companies and gain practical experience that helps you stand out.
  • Master important tools and languages, and see how data can help businesses and governments make better decisions.

More about the minor

Join this minor if you want to discover the real-world impact of data on business and governance. As data grows in volume and ubiquity, it's reshaping decision-making. Harness its power to unlock insights and shift mindsets for strategic advantage. We'll explore a shift in mindset and context. 


A student of Data Driven Business Lab

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In our lab, data practitioners thrive across diverse organisations, mastering tools, languages, and rapid change through hands-on projects. Benefit from authentic assignments at top companies, personalised learning, and dedicated guidance to build the skills for your goals. No learning limits, just growth. 

  • You are a self-motivated student who wants to take control of your studies and explore the field of Data Driven Business; Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Visualisation;
  • You will be able to set your own goals and plan your own progress; coaches will help you to reach the desired level for this minor. You will decide which workshops will lead to the achievement of these goals;
  • You have a basic understanding of business processes, the role and application of IT in business and within business processes;
  • You have an open mind to explore new possibilities, software and dare to fail to learn from the experience and grow in your professional performance;
  • You want to work on your professional skills, such as communication, presentation, group work, open-mindedness, project management, (peer) feedback, etc.

Mandatory learning goals

Early in the minor, you personalise your learning goals to align with your project, incorporating relevant tools and languages. You're supported by coaching as you: 

  • Own your learning and use feedback to improve;
  • Create and value data products for clients;
  • Understand and apply key IT concepts in projects;
  • Show data's organizational flow and supporting IT;
  • Employ research methods ethically in deliverables;
  • Define an open goal for future needs.

Achieving the goals

You must provide sufficient evidence that you have achieved the full set of learning objectives during the minor. You will do this by creating learning products, professional products and by demonstrating the learning process and work (in progress). The projects provided by companies and applied research groups will be the main vehicles for gathering this evidence.



How to apply for this minor


From 1 February (00:00) you can apply for a minor that starts in September 2024. The application period ends on 1 July 2024 at the latest.

Some minors have a numerus fixus, which means that a minor closes the application early, make sure to make your choice on time!


The application for minors that start in February 2025 goes from July 1st 2024 until December 15 2024.

To attend a minor you have to

  • Have passed the propaedeutic phase or;
  • Have permission from the examination board of your study programme


Register here for one of our activities. This way you can be sure whether this is the minor for you! We hope to see you soon!

There are currently no activities planned for this study programme. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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