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Dance Industry

Start moment(s)
September, February
Dutch, English
20 weeks
15-20 hours per week
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The minor Dance Industry educates students who have an ambition in the dynamic, specialized branch of electronic dance music (EDM), focusing on communication and commercial economy. Examples of professions of target are: event managers, (online) marketeers, A&R and label managers, bookers and artist managers.

Participants of the minor learn how to represent an electronic dance music company and how to work within a corporate identity and the culture of the industry in general. Based on comprehensive research and spread over 3 challenging cases, students learn to develop innovative, valuable dance music concepts, and to bring them into the market. Last but not least, within the Network@Work programme, participants individually work on professional and personal challenges and goals which will help them to work in the industry, while also growing their network within the business.

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Key players electronic dance music industry

All this is embedded in a close and challenging collaboration with (international) key players from diverse electronic dance music industry departments. Examples are Amsterdam Dance Event (education partner of Fontys ACE), IMS Ibiza, music venues, EDM Festivals and various (well-known) DJs and their managers.

General topics
  • History and current practice of Electronic Dance music, its culture and industry
  • General knowledge of electronic music production, DJing, A&R, and artist management
  • Marketing and communications in the electronic dance music business
  • Dance events: from concepting to production
  • Legal aspects of the dance music industry
  • Partnerships and sponsoring

Testing components
  • Conference case (group assignment): researching/spotting trends and developments within the electronic dance music industry and translating them into a conference programme and production. Education partner: Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).
  • Release case (individual assignment): launching electronic music onto the market as an artist manager, in collaboration with a DJ/producer of choice.
  • Event case (group assignment): developing a new and valuable event concept in which electronic dance music is programmed.
  • Network@Work (individual assignment): realizing a set of individual professional and personal challenges within the EDM industry, while also growing a network within the business.

Important: Apart from the conference case, all testing components are semester assignments and can only be completed successfully by staying the entire semester and participating at our academy. We ask your commitment to this by signing a form.

College Club Arcade

Only students with a Bachelor in commerciele economie, communicatie, leisure, media and entertainment are directly eligible for admission. Candidates from non-related studies have to prove their capability through a resume and a motivation letter. Of course, affinity with electronic music and its culture and industry is needed, because the programme is fully focused on it. Core subjects are marketing and communication, music, entertainment and research.

The minor takes place at Fontys Academy for Creative Economy, Campus Stappegoor in Tilburg, building P8.

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In case there are not enough applications for the international programme, it may be canceled, or (Dutch speaking) students are offered to participate in the Dutch programme instead. If there are too many applications for the minor, students may be placed on a waiting list.

    Apply for a minor that starts in September from 1 February until 1 July.

    Apply for a minor that starts in February from 1 July until 15 December.

    • Not every minor starts in February and September, you will find the start dates at the top of the minor page

    • Minors kan have a numerus fixus or fill up quickly, so make sure you make your choice in time!

    • To take part in the minor, you must have completed the propaedeutic phase or have permission from your programme's examination board.

          Contact person for questions about the Minor

          The minor runs in responsibility of Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy in Tilburg.  More information about the programme? Contact Mark van Bergen, programme coordinator: mark.vanbergen@fontys.nl.

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