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Acceleration Academy

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September, February
20 weeks
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The Acceleration Academy (Fall and Spring semester) is a programme based around six intensive courses/modules of three weeks. The topics covered in these modules may vary per semester, but we promise you that they are always connected to your development of the important skills in global business; and trends in the world of international business, e.g. business & artificial Intelligence, branding and advertising, just-in-time logistics and global supply chain management, cyber security in business or international trade.

What will you do?

The Acceleration Academy has six modules. Please download the programme here. This means that you can decide to follow all courses here at Fontys. However, if you would like to, you are allowed to travel abroad to do one or more modules* at one of our partner universities, such as BBA INSEEC in Bordeaux (France), FIU Miami and Alnwick (US and UK), University of Ottawa (Canada), Stanford International University in Bangkok (Thailand), North Park University in Chicago (US) etc. This gives you the opportunity to travel abroad for a short term period. In general (international partners may divert), a module consists of three weeks. These three weeks are meant for you to dive ‘deep’ into a topic and deliver a product, to either a Fontys expert, a foreign expert or a business professional from very well-known companies. Furthermore, doing a module (either at home or abroad) provides you with evidence you need to show your development on the critical business skills as indicated above.

*The subjects at the partner institutions can vary from those of the Acceleration Academy and not all courses will be assessable because some will not fit in the time frame of the Acceleration Academy. We will try to have as many courses assessable for you. When you pass the course abroad you can transfer the credits in the Acceleration Academy (1 course = 5 credits)

Why should you apply?

Our research has shown that most global businesses currently value creative, self-starting and flexible young professionals. The Acceleration Academy is meant to develop both these skills and help you in applying these skills in the context of the latest business trends. As such the Acceleration Academy makes an excellent preparation for your career. In addition, you have the opportunity to go abroad for a limited amount of time, which again helps you in developing your skills for global business.

Location - In the Netherlands or abroad?

The courses are offered at different locations and in different countries: Bordeaux, Madrid, Alnwick UK, Miami, Bangkok, and Ottawa…are among the possibilities. If you are less fond of travelling, you can also do all the modules in Eindhoven. Teachers from the US, Lebanon and Argentina fly to Eindhoven to teach there. You also have the option of doing virtual internships, but you could also do an internship on location.


The language of the minor is English. In any case, you will be in class with students of different nationalities. The programme has been put together in collaboration with our partner institutes. This programme is part of the BELCO Alliance (www.belco-edu.com) a consortium of universities that collaborate in the field of curriculum development, projects and research. The programme aims to further develop employability skills in students.

Have you already thought about your choice of minor? Do you want to immerse yourself in your profession, or do something completely different? Your choice of your minor can be quite difficult. The most important thing is that you choose something that really suits you. This way you can distinguish yourself from others and make your studies even more personal. But how do you choose? And what can you choose? 

(Online) minor orientation week
To help you with your choice, we organise an (online) minor orientation week in November. During these information sessions, you will learn more about the content of the minors and you can ask any question you may have. You can register here for the orientation week, available from October.


- Application period opens on 1 July 2023

- Application period closes on 15 December 2023


- Application period opens on 1 February 2024

- Application period closes on 1 July 2024

Please note!

The application deadline for the minor abroad differs. Some minors have a numerus fixus or fill up quickly. So always check the page of the minor of your choice.

To attend in the minor, the student must have:
  • Passed the propaedeutic phase or;
  • permission form the examination board of his/her programme.


Program Manager Maurice Cuypers

+31 8850 74939

Get in touch with Joris

Questions about this programme? Joris is glad to help you out. Just send him a message via Whatsapp or send him an e-mail.

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