When you start your study at Fontys in September, we have something cool in store for you: The Fonty Purple Week!

September is the start of the new academic year. We are excited to host the Purple introduction week for new first-year students from 26th of August to the 30th of August 

The Purple introduction week is all about getting to know each other. You will meet your classmates, learn about your program, explore the city where you'll study, and discover Fontys. We aim to make the Purple introduction week in 2024 as wonderful and exciting as it is every year.

Please note that Team Purple organizes the introduction week in Eindhoven, Tilburg, and Venlo. Each program and institute can choose to join all, some, or none of the Purple activities. The other Fontys locations, like Venlo, Sittard, Utrecht, and Den Bosch, will have their own local introduction weeks.

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Purple 2023

What is Purple?

In 2024, we're excited to host another Purple introduction week. Purple is all about welcoming new students and helping them get to know their classmates, their program, and the city. Make sure to check our website for updates about this event.

At Fontys, and for Purple especially, sustainability and vitality are key themes. We want our students to graduate in a healthy way and in a sustainable environment.

Purple supports these goals by offering sustainable activities and forming partnerships with the right organizations.

For example, we collaborate with Alcoholwijs, a Fontys project that promotes responsible alcohol use. We also work with the mobility project group to ensure Fontys is a safe, active, and accessible place. Plus, we encourage sustainable and healthy travel choices for both staff and students.

Don't forget to follow the Fontys channels before, during, and after Purple. The Purple team communicates via Instagram.

Ambience photo Fontys Ambience photo Fontys

You are a participant @ Purple …

You will be studying at Fontys, which means you will take part in Fontys' introduction week called Purple. It happens the week before your classes start. You need to sign up through your program, and then you'll get more information and updates about the week. During this week, you will follow a schedule your program sets for Monday and/or Tuesday and then join activities organized by Fontys for everyone on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The introduction committees, along with intro-parents, will look after you. You're in good hands as an intro child. Together, we'll make sure it's a week to remember, where you'll make friends for life!

If you have questions about your introduction week, ask your introduction committee! You can find the contact details via your Fontys email or on www.fontys.nl/en/fresh-at-fontys 

You are intro-parent @ Purple …

You are an intro-parent during the introduction week. This week really needs good guidance, so we truly appreciate your help, champ! Throughout the year, you will sign a contract with your institute or introduction committee (IC), get informed, and take a first aid course to make sure you're well-prepared.

Your main job as an intro-parent is to make sure the intro-kids have a worry-free week and can come to you with any questions. You will look after a group of participants together with other intro-parents. Your IC will keep you involved and make sure you know what to expect at the end of August.

You are parent of a participant @ Purple …

Your child is going to study at Fontys and will take part in the introduction week. We promise a 'Warm Welcome' during this event from Fontys. The introduction committee and intro-parents (who are older students) will guide your child. These intro-parents have an agreement with the introduction committee about their responsibilities, rules, and how they should behave during the week.

Fontys trust persons are involved before, during, and after the introduction week to help with any issues. Also, the Fontys safety team makes sure everything goes smoothly and safely, from camping to the festival.

Throughout the week, your child will experience various aspects of student life, including sports, team-building activities, and a big festival to end the week. Joining in the introduction week is a great start to student life. It's also a chance to make lifelong friends. Senior students, the introduction committee, study and student associations, sports clubs, teachers, and staff will all be there to answer questions. This is also when your child will learn about the first period of lessons.

Please note: the ticket price to participate in the introduction week may vary by program. This depends on the program offered by your introduction committee..

Introduction Committee (IC)

The Introduction Committee (IC) mainly takes care of the parts of the introduction week that are specific to your program. Most activities happen on Monday and/or Tuesday. However, they can also happen on other days, as long as they don't overlap with the activities organized by Fontys for everyone.

Throughout the week, the IC makes sure everything runs smoothly. They also look after the intro-parents and handle communication between the intro-kids, intro-parents, the program, and Fontys.

Roles and responsibilities IC:

  • Organizes the introduction according to the frameworks and guidelines set by Fontys to ensure a safe Purple week and guides the students throughout the introduction week.
  • Acts on behalf of the institute director, has a direct line with the institute's first employee and the Purple organization.
  • Handles all communication towards the students and supervisors.
  • Is responsible, sets a good example by exhibiting mature behavior and adhering to the guidelines.
  • Ensures that there is no alcohol abuse and creates a socially safe environment.
  • Actively monitors the safety of all participants in the introduction.
  • Instructs the intro parents, so that they can perform their task properly.

What does the week look like?

Monday from 8 AM check-in at the campsite. This is possible throughout the day. From 7 PM to midnight, there is a party in the tent. Tuesday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM. In the morning students get to know local study and student organisations. In the afternoon, activities will be organized by the study program. In the evening, there is another party in the tent. Wednesday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM. In de morning there is a sports activity organized by the Student Sports Center Eindhoven (SSCE) and Tilburg University Sports Center at their own location. In the afternoon and evening, the choice activities, College Diner (Tilburg), Intro Festival (Eindhoven) and pub tour take place in the center. For those who stay at the campsite and those who are back early from the city program, there is music in the tent until midnight. Thursday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM, then get ready to go by bus to the Purple Festival. The festival lasts from 2 PM to 11 PM. Friday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM. After that, it's time to take down the tents, clean up, and check out.

Welcome at Purple
Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys

A pop-up camping site will be set up in Venlo. This camping site is located at HC Delta near Venlo. About 300 students will sleep there during the introduction week.

The Purple introduction week consists of various components. You start 'small' on the program days. These take place on Monday and/or Tuesday, depending on the institute and the program you will be studying. On these day(s), you will get to know your fellow students, the teachers, and the program. Each program does its best to give you the warmest possible welcome. The organization of these day(s) is determined by the introduction committee of the program. On Tuesday morning the local study and student organisations will be represented on the campsite to welcome the new students.

Take a look at the full programme of your introduction week*

*The schedule for your introduction week can be found at Fresh at Fontys. Click on the city you are going to study and the program you will follow.

In the morning, students can get acquainted with the local (student) sports clubs thanks to the Student Sport Centre Eindhoven or Tilburg University Sports Center. Afterwards, Purple offers a variety of activities that you can sign up for, from swimming to bowling. This offer will be further explained during the MS Teams meetings. At the end of the afternoon, the College Diner (Tilburg) and Intro Festival (Eindhoven) will take place. This is a party organized by the municipalities and/or hospitality industry in collaboration with Fontys. In Eindhoven, all educational institutions are invited to this event. After dinner, students can find their own way to various hospitality venues. The pub crawl starts within walking distance from the square at 10:00 PM. Here, students can have a drink at various pubs listed on the stamp card.

Get your festival ticket!

Please note: a ticket is included for the entire introduction week. So you do NOT have to buy a separate festival ticket if you participate in the introduction week as a first-year student (intro-kid) or supervisor (intro-parent).

Buy a festival ticket as a Fontys student, -employee or alumni

We want to invite Fontys students, -employees and alumni to the Purple Festival. Buy your Purple Festival ticket here, full = full.

Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys

A relatively new part of Purple is the Welcome Party, which takes place in the garden of Campus Rachelsmolen. This activity is for international students and all those involved in Fontys' international programs. This activity is centered on getting to know each other and a 'Warm Welcome' @ Fontys. During the BBQ, students have time to get to know each other better, but various partners are also present to help with questions about banking, transportation, and housing, among others. Participation in the BBQ is based on registration; no registration = no place. Senior students from international programs, teachers, buddies, or non-international students are also welcome provided they have registered.

Social safety

Fontys is committed to a safe work and learning environment, and this commitment extends to all activities and events we organize. This means our locations and activities are safe both physically and socially. They are free from any kind of aggression, (sexual) harassment, bullying, discrimination, coercion, or threats. If you need advice or want to report an incident, you can talk to members of the Safety Info Point. On the page of this info point (https://fontys.nl/veiligheid/), you can find further information and a guide.

Introduction committees use their own intro-parent agreement where senior students sign to accept their role and responsibilities. This agreement clearly outlines what is expected of them, including how to handle boundary-crossing behavior and the consequences for any violations. Safety topics are also discussed during the intro-parent meetings organized by the introduction committees.


The introduction committees begin planning the Purple introduction week in January. They start by creating a project plan that includes two scenarios and an emergency plan. The Purple project leader and Fontys safety advisors review these plans and offer advice when needed. Safety is a key focus in the project plan. If a crisis occurs, a crisis team from Fontys and Purple is ready to respond.

Damage, nuisance, and behavior

Everyone must behave in a way that does not cause direct or indirect damage or unacceptable nuisance. Also, everyone should avoid behavior that is not acceptable and should not act against the law.

  • Possession, use, and trading of alcohol and drugs during the introduction is prohibited. This also applies to other psychoactive substances, such as nitrous oxide.
  • No alcohol is served, passed on, or provided to minors. This is punishable by law.
  • No alcohol is served at activities before 4:00 PM, nor may it be consumed or passed on.
  • Possession, use, or trading of weapons or objects resembling weapons is prohibited.

Emergency Response (ER) and first aid

For the centrally organized Purple activities, we provide first aiders and emergency response officers. At activities organized by yourselves, there must also be enough trained emergency response officers and/or first aiders available. Moreover, the staff and members of the Intro Committee are well-trained and have clear roles during an evacuation or any incident. Our in-house emergency response officers can also help during the central activities. They should report to the Purple first aid station.


Questions and/or remarks? We are here to help you!

The introduction week does not organize itself. The following team has been created to give you the best start of your student days! A 'Warm Welcome' is what we strive for. Do you have any questions, comments or your own input? Then we would like to hear from you via purple@fontys.nl. You can also find us before, during and after Purple on social media, Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camping Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo

Visitors need to have a valid admission ticket. You will receive this from the introduction committee on the first day.
On Monday and Tuesday, it is not allowed to enter or leave the campsite between 03:00 AM and 07:00 AM. On Wednesday and Thursday, it is not allowed to enter or leave the campsite between 04:30 AM and 07:00 AM. When entering and leaving the event location/events, visitors should not cause any disturbance to local residents and the nearby living environment.
The campsite is a car-free zone. You can unload your belongings at the entrance, but after that, you walk with your stuff to your spot on the campsite.
It is best to check this with your introduction committee. Some committees have rented army tents, while others ask participants to bring their own tents.
This is 150cm by 210cm for a 2-person tent.
After each breakfast shift, certain introduction committees will perform cleanup duties so that everything is neat and clean the next day.
Yes, visitors must always have valid identification on them, as the organization can always ask (to have) this shown. It is also advisable to bring your health insurance card.
Bringing or possessing glassware, plastic bottles, cans, fireworks, drugs, (fire)arms, and/or other dangerous objects or substances, as well as food items, alcoholic beverages, and/or (household) pets at the Purple campsite is not allowed (Assistance dogs are allowed if communicated in advance). Between 10:00 PM – 08:00 AM, amplified sound is not allowed. Any speakers, soundbars, etc. will be confiscated if sound is played during these times.
If there is a reason, security personnel may frisk you.
The security or organization may perform a bag check if they see a reason for it. You or a guide from your institution will always be present.
Participants of Purple enter the event location at their own risk. The organizer is not liable for any damage, of any nature whatsoever, that is directly or indirectly the result of actions or omissions by the organizer, persons employed by her, or other persons employed by or on behalf of her, or by third parties, during the event organized by her and/or in connection with the stay at the event location, unless the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence. Threats, assault, theft, discrimination, unwanted sexual advances, and other troublesome and/or offensive behavior, and/or attempts thereof, are not tolerated by the organizer. If the visitor causes any damage during their visit to the event, the organizer will recover this damage from the involved (to do so). Moreover, the organizer can file a report of such behaviors.
Without written permission from the organizer, it is not allowed to distribute promotional materials (samples/flyers, etc.).
Without prior written permission from the organizer, visitors are not allowed to make and use for commercial purposes images or sound recordings (photos and videos, etc.) of the stay during events organized by Montopinto.
During Purple events, image and/or sound recordings may be made for promotional purposes. Anyone visiting this event location/events agrees that images may be made of him/her. These images may be made public. Images can be removed upon request.
It is not allowed to buy and/or consume alcohol before 4:00 PM. This will be confiscated.
Cleaning of the sanitary facilities happens daily, we are all responsible for keeping it clean for the next user.
Visitors are only allowed to smoke in the designated smoking areas at the event location, and cigarette butts must be cleaned up!

Study program days

You can find all the necessary information on Goede Start. Select the city and your program, and you will be directed to the correct page.
Then contact the liaison of the program you will be attending. The contact person can tell you more about the introduction week and everything that follows.

Sports morning

Yes, that would be useful.
Yes, the introduction committee has done that for the entire group.
Yes, that's not a problem, but please mention it at the start of the activity.

Activities in the city

The schedule including the time and location is sent to the introduction committees via email and MS Teams. The activities (bowling, cinema, and swimming) take place on Wednesday.
This is not included as standard. However, it is possible to buy this on-site.
It is allowed to bring your own bottle of water. You can buy food and drink on site.

Pub tour

For each pub listed on the card, you get an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink at the participating pubs.
You will receive this from your introduction committee. They distribute these among the intro-parents who pass it on to the intro-kids.
No, under 18 years old = no alcohol rules also apply at Purple and in the pubs. This is also checked in the pubs.
Yes, you must always have valid identification on you, as the organization can always ask (to have) this shown.

Purple Festival general info

Thursday 29th August 2024.

Doors open at 2 PM and the festival lasts until 11 PM.

Note: you can enter the festival area until 9 PM!

Leijpark in Tilburg.
Various drink and food points are available on the festival location. There is a wide range: from soft drinks to alcoholic drinks. In terms of food, there is a wide choice that takes into account dietary requirements and allergies.
You can rent a locker on location by scanning and paying for a QR code. You can use your locker immediately. The lockers are small, so avoid large bags (these are not allowed onto the festival grounds).

Please note: full = full, so book your locker at the festival in time. This link will be shared later.
There is no separate wardrobe. If you want to leave your sweater or bag somewhere, use a locker.
No, that is not possible.
At Purple Festival you pay with your wristband at the bars and food corners. You can easily top up via your account. Do you have any balance left after Purple? The money will be automatically refunded to your bank account within 14 days. Keep in mind that you pay a €1 service charge each time you top up.
There is no WIFI network available for visitors.
This will be announced.
There are different stages and music styles and they all have their own volume. The music is generally loud. It is therefore advisable to use hearing protection. Don't you have it with you? Earplugs are also available at the bars.
No cigarettes are sold. Smoking is not allowed in tents. There is plenty of room to smoke elsewhere outside.
There are bicycle sheds at Purple Festival, to reach the bicycle places you cycle via Professor van Buchemlaan into the Leijpark, just before/after the intersection with the Ringbaan-Zuid.

Purple Festival tickets

Single Purple Festival tickets are (limited) for sale here.
* Are you a participant in the Purple introduction week? Then your Purple Festival ticket is included in your registration.
No, Purple Festival is part of your introduction week, so you don't have to buy a separate ticket.
We like to work as sustainably as possible, so it is not necessary to print your ticket. You can show this from your phone at the entrance.
We can and we think it's great fun! You can buy a separate ticket for Purple Festival. Please spread the word and bring all your friends. A ticket is required for a wristband and you cannot enter the site without a wristband. So make sure you have arranged this before Purple Festival and don't miss out on a ticket.
As a participant you have a Purple wristband. Is it broken or have you lost it? Then register with the organization with your account (in the app) and we will arrange a new wristband that we link to your account. Important: if the strap is broken, take it with you and it will be replaced on the spot.

Purple Festival transport

The Leijpark is a 30-minute walk from Tilburg Central Station. Buses (for example bus lines 1/2/142/143) also drive that way, so you can be in the park in fifteen minutes.
Will you be dropped off and picked up again? Then use the space available around the park for this. No specific kiss & ride will be arranged.
Are you coming by car? The easiest way to park your car is paid parking in the neighbourhood or at the Tilburg/Hilvarenbeek carpool.
You can park your bike at the festival location. There is enough space. From there you can walk to the entrance of the festival in a few minutes. Due to possible nuisance, we request that you park your bicycle in the designated parking facilities.
Shuttle buses from the Fontys cities ensure that you get to and from the festival site safely. This applies to Purple introduction week students in all Fontys teaching locations except Utrecht (by public transport), Tilburg (by bicycle) and Venlo.

Note: there is no shuttle bus between Tilburg central station to the event location!

Purple Festival general info

First aid is also present during the festival, at a fixed post and mobile on the site.
For everyone's safety, security is present who also perform bag checks for the safety of all participants and employees.
There are toilets for the disabled. These are indicated on the map in the physical floor plans. These toilets are clearly marked per toilet block. For more info send an email to purple@fontys.nl
Do you have allergies or other dietary requirements? Then Purple Festival is the right place for you. There is a wide variety of food on site and there is something for everyone.
Do you want to help during the Purple Festival or at another time during the introduction week? Send us an email at purple@fontys.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Did you lose something during Purple Festival? Please contact the Fontys Customer Contact Center on 08850-80000
Of course you can take photos and videos with your phone for your own use. Bringing your own professional equipment is not allowed. Photographers and videographers are also walking around at the party. If you are at the party, you automatically agree to the fact that photos or video images may be taken of you. You can indicate to the photographer/videographer that you do not like this. Images are mainly used for own reporting.
The house rules of the organizer apply to this event. You can read this at the entrance of the event.

Welcome Party @ Campus Rachelsmolen

It takes place at Campus Rachelsmolen in Eindhoven.
You are welcome for snacks and drinks between 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM.
For all international students, coaches, buddies, and other involved parties.
Yes, vegetarian and vegan diets and allergies are accommodated.