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Student Counseling Bèta Ritme

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Student Counseling Bèta Ritme

Do you want to learn how to plan better and boost your motivation? Do you want to learn how to deal with stress better, prevent procrastination or improve your concentration? Read on and sign up at the student counseling department: Bèta Ritme.

Coaching programme aimed at your needs

Together with one of our coaches you will get to work on your request for help. This coach is a (recently graduated) student who supports you in the process in an accessible way. Our coaches recognise many of the study obstacles and therefore know how to help you with the right expertise. A tailor-made coaching programme takes a maximum of 5 to 10 sessions and is free of charge for all Engineering students.

Bèta Ritme also provides ...
  • Learning to plan in small groups - A 6-week programme in which you spend one hour a week in a small group working on your way of planning.
  • Stress reduction training - A 6-week programme in which you spend one hour a week in a small group working on the causes of your stress and how to reduce and deal with this.
  • Job application preparation - To prepare for an internship (fair) / a graduation / a job , Bèta Ritme can support you through a short coaching process or a session with tips & tricks.
  • Studying on location - Three times a week Bèta Ritme facilitates a room where you can study in peace, without distractions.

How does it work?

Together we look at the possibilities during an intake interview. This is without obligation, you are not committed to anything. Are you starting a programme at Bèta Ritme? Then it is always free of charge if you are a student at Fontys School of Engineering. You can sign up through your study coach or contact us directly by email or phone.

Student Counseling Bèta Ritme

+31-(0)6 283 77 980

About Bèta Ritme

Within Bèta Ritme (teacher) supervisors and trainees from Applied Psychology and Human Resource Management work together from various expertises and backgrounds to provide you with appropriate help as a student. Our goal is to guide you through your studies successfully.

Coach Elke, 3rd year student Applied Psychology

"A coaching programme at Bèta Ritme is very accessible and informal. Together with the student, you look for appropriate help and guidance. We are in the same stage of life, so we experience a lot of recognition. From planning to career guidance, but also from venting your heart, we are allround professionals and can help you with everything".