Fontys Business and Communication

Fontys Business and Communication (FBC) is situated in Eindhoven, capital of the ‘Brainport’ region, which is recognised as Europe’s leading region for innovation and top-flight technology. In this region, students, teachers and working professionals form a united community in which we learn and practise together. We want to contribute to social issues and want to make impact. In this way, we prepare our students for the changing world.

Why study at FBC?

Fontys Business and Communication can show you a great time! Our university offers first class programs, International diversity in classrooms and allows you to combine theoretical foundation and practical learning, working with real clients, in the Brainport Eindhoven region; a European centre of science and technology.

Together we prepare you for tomorrow’s global challenges.

Study at FBC

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Studying in the city of Eindhoven

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Eindhoven is an internationally orientated city and the home of many expats and international students

Why you should study in Eindhoven

  • Studying in the heart of the Brainport region with several multinational companies like Philips and ASML;
  • A modern, vibrant and creative city centre with many opportunities to recreate;
  • Lots of simple and organized public transport opportunities, with over 70 destinations accessible via Eindhoven Airport which is very close to the city;
  • Eindhoven is the capital of design: hosting the Dutch Design Week once a year;
  • With the renowned Technical University (TUe) in the city, Eindhoven has a vibrant and international student life.
  • English is a commonly used language in the Eindhoven region, which is home to many internationals and expats;
  • Home of Fontys School of Business and Communication and all the possibilities we offer you in your development as a young professional!
The city centre of Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Bachelor programmes

A bachelor is a four-year study programme consisting of a propaedeutic phase and two years of main phase and one year of graduation phase. During a bachelor's, it is compulsory to do two internships: an exploratory internship and a graduation internship or thesis research. Upon successful completion of the programme, students receive a bachelor's degree.

Bachelor International Business (IB) in Eindhoven

learn more about International Business

Bachelor International Communication Management (ICM) in Eindhoven

learn more about International Communication Management

Exchange programmes

During an exchange programme, a student from abroad comes to study in the Netherlands for six months. Upon successful completion of this six-month study, the student receives a certificate.

The Acceleration Academy

More about this programme

International Business Consultancy

More about this programme

Creating New Ventures

More about this programme

Consulting on Change

More about this programme

Develop your own Business programme

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Important dates for exchange programmes

Spring semester data and deadlines

Nomination deadlineNovember 1
Registration and application deadlineNovember 15
Introduction DayEarly February
Classes and examsEarly February - mid July

Fall semester data and deadlines

Nomination deadlineMay 1
Registration and application deadlineMay 15
Introduction DayMid/End August
Classes and examsEnd August - Early February


Educational innovation is high on our agenda. Take, for example, our InnovationHub: a dynamic environment in which students, teachers, researchers and work field partners work together on 'real' issues. Every student who participates contributes something from his own background. In these multidisciplinary teams, students are given the freedom to follow their own path. There are three hybrid learning environments within the FBC InnovationHub: Circular Transition, Digital Transformation and Resilient Cities. Each hybrid learning environment focuses on one particular research theme.

Learn more about the InnovationHub