European Clarinet Congress

100 European Clarinet students are joining the congress

From the 6th till the 9th of December 2023, the European Clarinet Congress will take place in Tilburg. In and around Fontys Academy of the Arts, there will be multiple workshops, lectures and concerts focussing on the modern role of the clarinet.

Blended Intensive Programme

Our clarinet-students from the Bachelor Music and Performing Arts, from the Master of Music and from the other European coservarories will take part in the congress via a so-calles Blended Intensive Programme. This Blended Intensive Programme aims to open up more opportunities for students to take part in Erasmus mobility. In total, the BIP will bring together over a 100 students from all over Europe, meeting hundreds of clarinet experts, professionals and amateurs. For these students, the congress will be a unique opportunity to get in touch with professional artists from all over the world.

Ambience photo Fontys

Programme European Clarinet Congress

Are your curious about what this clarinet week has to offer? Explore the diverse lineup of concerts featuring renowned clarinetists from around the world and witness the next generation of talent in the International Junior Clarinet Competition.

Download our comprehensive programme booklet via the link below. Note that the masterclasses (starting on page 84) are only open for students participating in the Blended Intensive Programme.

Hospitality in Tilburg

Bachelor | Music and Performing Arts

Music and Performing Arts is an innovative Bachelor conservatory programme. Our vision is based on the idea that your individual musical development into a top musician can only flourish through practice. We encourage students, together with our teachers, fellow students and the professional field, to develop new visions of musical artistry.

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Master of Music

The Fontys Master of Music is a truly unique programme and has a personalised component where students receive a 2-year budget to tailor the programme according to their needs. Additionally, a personal coach will guide students on their path towards a future career as a highly skilled and professional musician.

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