The SESAME model represents a conceptualization of a Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) for mental health focusing on the prevention and intervention of internalizing behavior disorders, such as anxiety or depression, in secondary school students. It was created as part of the Erasmus+ funded project “Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support for Mental Health (SESAME)”. In SESAME, the following goals will be focused:

1. Development, implementation, and first evaluation of a SW-PBS approach focusing on internalizing behavior problems in secondary school students

2. Development, implementation, and first evaluation of a training pathway for educators based on the SW-PBS approach developed in 1).

3. DevelopmentofaSESAMEApptodigitallysupporttheuseofSW-PBStools and to increase the usage of the approach.

Project partners

University of Wuppertal (Germany)
University of Cologne (Germany)
NET – Networking Education and Training (Italy)
École de la deuxième chance Normandie (France)
ETIC Algarve (Portugal)