PBS-Europe Network

European policy and practice changes created the need to establish the Positive Behavior Support Europe Network (i.e., PBS-Europe Network). The PBS-Europe Network is dedicated to follow the science and principles of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) as well as utilize its applications in a culturally responsive manner to produce meaningful social and socio-emotional changes in the lives of children, teachers and parents across school and community settings in Europe.

The PBS-Europe Network purports to improve student socio-emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes in European The Positive Behavior Support Europe Network (PBS-Europe Network) purports to promote the academic achievement and socio-emotional well-being of all students across Europe. To this end, the PBS-Europe Network aims to become a professional interactive platform among European researchers, professional stakeholders, and educators to share knowledge, research and experience about the science, principles, and practical applications of PBS. The PBS-Europe Network members from 19 countries will collaborate with professional stakeholders to design and implement positive, inclusive, and safe school environments based on the PBS principles.