This project led to the exploratory implementation of SW-PBS in French schools. The aims pursued are :

- to question the implementation of this systems-change approach in an european cultural context (France) different from the one in which it was developed,
- to examine barriers and facilitators in this implementation
- to investigate the effects of SWPBS on the school climate thanks to a research design of the effectiveness-trial type.

European comparisons are also envisaged and would be valuable to develop in the coming years.

The conditions for adapting the school environment to the diversity of students' needs are of particular political and scientific interest. In France, the law for the refounding of the school of 2013 thus integrates a privileged work axis around the school climate. Research on school climate improvement suggests coupling individual, systemic and contextualized approaches (Debarbieux et al., 2012; Wang & Degol, 2016). They call not only for the implementation of measures with convincing effects for the various school stakeholders (for example, for the development of the academic and socio-cognitive skills of all or for the care of students with special needs) but also for adapting to the ecosystem characteristics of a given school (audiences welcomed, geographical location, links with families, training needs of teaching and educational teams, etc.). Approaches that allow these factors to be considered simultaneously are thus particularly attractive to the scientific community as well as to education professionals, and their appropriation in various cultural contexts remains to be explored. The School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS; Sugaï and Horner, 2006) approach provides for systemic and multi-tired measures designed to offer rapid responses to students' academic and/or socio-emotional needs. It is also characterized by the provision of external and individualized support to schools. In the French context, the appropriation of SW-PBS by educational teams as well as its effects on the perceived school climate remain to be questioned.

The SW-PBS has been implemented in some thirty establishments (schools and middle-high schools) of the Besan├žon french school-area. Multidisciplinary studies are under way to examine this implementation and the effects on the school climate. International comparisons are also envisaged.