ODGEDER - Organization of Positive Behavior Support

ODGEDER, established in August 2016, has been designing and implementing school development policies specifically regarding social & emotional growth of students implementing SWPBS in Turkey since 2010.

Founders and members of the organization are certified SWPBS coaches who have been training teachers and improving schools’ climate focusing on the well-being of students.

The organization invests into human growth  and social & emotional development of new generations, equipped with 21st century skills who will contribute to social economical growth of their country. ODGEDER collaborates with Ministry of National Education and is currently running social cohesion projects using SWPBS as tool in Istanbul.

ODGEDER is a member of APBS, Europe PBS, Act Now, Turkish German Initiative, Salzburg Global and collaborates with Ministry of National Education and other national NGOs.

Our mission is to build trust and create a positive, safe and predictable environment among individuals and societies to have a better understanding and acceptance in harmony for the well-being of future generations.


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Lale Hazar, Project Director

“School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support” Project funded by EU Life Long Learning Program in collaboration with Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Hungary,

“Bridge Between Addiction and Positive Behavior Support” Project funded by ISTKA – Istanbul Development Agency-in collaboration with Uskudar Governorship and Ministry of National Education.

“Towards An Inclusive Education-Integration of Syrian Refugee Children into Turkish Public Schools” Project in collaboration with Sultanbeyli Ministry of National Education.

“Welcoming School” A social Cohesion Project on Inclusive Education of Syrian and Turkish Children in collaboration with Ministry of National Education, Sultanbeyli Municipality, Refugee Association of Asylum Seekers-Sultanbeyli.

“Welcoming School” Project addresses the needs of Syrian refugee children regarding their engagement in Turkish public schools, improving their Social & Emotional Growth and creating social cohesion between two communities using SWPBIS as a tool. ODGEDER, Organization of Positive Behavior Support, Turkey has been working with Syrian refugee children, their parents and all school stake holders in 20 primary schools of Sultanbeyli, Istanbul enhancing a positive, welcoming climate in these schools since 2016.

“Enhanced Neighbourhoods” A Social Cohesion Urban Development Project funded by Dutch Embassy in collaboration with Sultanbeyli Municipality.

“Learning Turkish As A Second Language for Supporting Syrian Parents” Project in collaboration with Sultanbeyli Ministry of National Education, Refugee Association of Asylum Seekers-Sultanbeyli.