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Pre- Master (NON-EU Only!)

Especially for non-EU students who don’t meet the criteria for the master program yet, but who have enough potency according to us, we have created the pre-master. This program takes 1 year and is a prepatory year before the master program.

The procedure to qualify is as follows:

- you apply for the master program (M Music & instrument) via www.studielink.nl

- you will be invited to send video material for the audition

- After the audition you will get the result with one of the following possibilities: accepted for the master ór accepted for the pre-master ór rejected.

- when you are accepted for the pre-master you will get a theory test to determine your level of music theory as well.

If you have been accepted for the pre-master you will take some courses with the bachelor students (depending on your level with regard to certain courses) and some lessons with the first year master students (electives, maybe research).

After the pre-master year you will have to do an audition (Playing, English level, Personal Development Plan. For info about the audition, see: website Master of Music Tilburg) again for the master program. After a successfull audition you can start the first year of the master program. The results of the courses from the year 1 master programm that you already passed during your pre-master year, can be taken with you to the first year. The results will be visible in your result list.

For questions, mail faa-mom@fontys.nl


Lessons in Bachelor and Master

Tuition fee 2024-2025: €8140,-

Only for non-Eu students

Student after enrolment