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Music Theatre


Edward Hoepelman
Ingrid Zeegers
Ivar Costenoble
Katrien Verheijden
Pia Douwes
Ad Knippels


Study activities for your major will consist of: 
• individual and group lessons
• independent study
• concerts, projects and ensemble activities
• lessons and masterclasses from your personal budget


You will perform in the following recitals and exams in order to complete work on your major:
• recital 1 at the end of the first year of the Master (45 minutes)
• final recital at the end of the second year of the Master (60 minutes)


Online pre-selection

·You will be asked to submit a personal development plan, in which you outline your plans for the upcoming years of study and a CV.

·The audition consists of 2 rounds.

·The first round is an online pre-selection. You hand in video material of a 20-30 minute programme, consisting of 3 songs + 1 monologue of your own choice. The deadline is the 12th of May 2024. The songs have to meet the following criteria:

  • 1 up-tempo song
  • 1 ballad
  • 2 different languages of which 1 in your native language

Live audition

Selected candidates will take part in the live audition on the 4th of June which is the second round.

  • For the live audition please prepare 3 singing pieces and a monologue (this can be the same as you did for the online preselection.
  • Candidates must provide their own musical accompaniment (pianist).
  • Before the audition you can warm up your voice in the reserved cabines (B2.04 & B2.06) on the second floor