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ICT & Smart Mobile

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ICT & Smart Mobile

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Social media has become an integral part of daily life for almost everyone. People share their activities in all sorts of ways, which can be fun or amusing, but also useful if you need support with such an activity, for example.

In recent years, more and more industrial machines have been connected to the Internet to share data on devices, production, services, and logistics. This data is shared with people, but it’s also shared between machines. This data can be used to make today’s industries smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. Today, we can say without a doubt that Industry 4.0 has arrived.

The new field of Smart Industry raises a whole series of new questions that need to be answered. How can machines exchange data in a secure, robust way? How can this data be used for optimisation (such as machine learning)? How can we communicate with machines in an intuitive and safe way? How can machines interact effectively?

The new Smart Industry specialisation provides answers to these questions in multidisciplinary projects.