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Academic preparation

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Academic Preparation

Explained in this video

This specialisation is dedicated for students who are interested in a Master. This can be the Master of Applied IT at Fontys ICT or a master at the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) or at the Jheronymous Academy of Data Science (JADS). The main benefit for you is that you can immediately start your Master programme after your Bachelor graduation at Fontys. The student should realise this specialisation (and accompanying minors) has a higher study load and abstraction level than the regular routes.

If you are interested in a JADS master:

  • this specialisation develops your academic skills as a preparation of your academic skills for the JADS minor
  • instead of this specialisation you could also select the Artificial Intelligence specialisation as a preparation of your JADS minor

If you are interested in a Tu/e master:

  • this specialisation offers Part I of the pre-master for the following master programmes at Tu/e: Computer Science and Engineering, Embedded Systems, Information Security Technolgy and Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.
  • part II is covered in the Tu/e minor.