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21+ assessment test

21+ assessment test

Information regarding the 21+ assessment test for English Fontys bachelor programmes

Are you a student from the Netherlands and do you want to follow an English bachelor programme? Please follow this link for more information in Dutch and for registration for the 21+ assessment test.

If you want to start with a Fontys bachelor programme, but you don’t have a previous education diploma that grants you permission to the study program, you may be eligible to apply for admission through the 21+ assessment test (colloquium doctum). In order to participate, you must meet a number of conditions. Please always contact the course department of the study programme you want to follow first.

The Fontys 21+ assessment test consists of the ACT (Adaptive Capacities Test) General Intelligence by Ixly.

  • If you want to follow a Dutch bachelor or associate degree programme, you will also take a Dutch language test in addition to the ACT. The Dutch language test takes place at the same date as the ACT. You must pass both tests.
  • If you want to enroll in an English bachelor programme, you only take the ACT general intelligence. If you have passed this test, you must also pass an English language test (IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge certificate). Please contact the course department regarding the requirements for the certificate to be obtained (and under which conditions you can request an exemption for the English language test). Please contact the departement for any questions regarding to the English language test. You send your certificate or any application for exemption to the course department of the study programme you want to follow. Please note that an English language test is not offered by Fontys!

The information below is specifically about English bachelor programmes. If you want to follow a Dutch bachelor programme, please use this link.

Please note: This 21+ assessment test is developed especially for Fontys University of Applied Sciences. If you have passed a 21+ assessment test elsewhere or have already successfully passed a capacity test, this does not count as an exemption for the 21+ assessment test of Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

The ACT (Adaptive Capacities Test) General Intelligence Test consists of three subtests: a numerical, abstract and verbal test. The difficulty of the questions is determined by the correct or incorrect answers you give. A (stanine) total score is calculated by the Ixly test system on the basis of the three subtests. The total score provides insight into your work and thinking level in comparison with a reference group on bachelor’s level and is leading for passing the ACT.

  • You have passed this assessment test with a (stanine) total score of 4 or higher.
  • It is possible to prepare for the ACT General Intelligence by making a number of practice exercises through this link (Figure Sets, Verbal Analogies and Digit Sets).
  • The ACT General Intelligence Test is offered in the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Turkish and Chinese.
  • By default, the ACT is offered in the language of the bachelor programme you wish to follow (Dutch or English). If you want to take the ACT in a language other than the default language, you can let us know after registration.

Do you want to be considered for an extra time variant of the 21+ assessment test due to special circumstances (for example dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autism, a visual impairment or chronic condition)? After registration you will receive information about how you can request extra time.