What does the week look like?

Monday from 8 AM check-in at the campsite. This is possible throughout the day. From 7 PM to midnight, there is a party in the tent. Tuesday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM. In the morning and afternoon, activities will also take place on the campsite. These are organized by, among others, the student sports center Eindhoven (SSCE) and Tilburg (Tilburg University Sports Center). In the evening, there is another party in the tent. Wednesday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM. In the afternoon and evening, the choice activities, square party, and pub crawl take place in the center. For those who stay at the campsite and those who are back early from the city program, there is music in the tent until midnight. Thursday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM, then get ready to go by bus to the Purple Festival. The festival lasts from 2 PM to 11 PM. Friday, breakfast between 8 and 10 AM. After that, it's time to take down the tents, clean up, and check out.

Welcome at Purple
Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys

A pop-up camping site will be set up in Venlo. This camping site is located near Venlo. About 300 students will sleep there during the introduction week.

The Purple introduction week consists of various components. You start 'small' on the program days. These take place on Monday and/or Tuesday, depending on the institute and the program you will be studying. On these day(s), you will get to know your fellow students, the teachers, and the program. Each program does its best to give you the warmest possible welcome. The organization of these day(s) is determined by the introduction committee of the program.

*The schedule for your introduction week can be found at Fresh at Fontys. Click on the city you are going to study and the program you will follow.

In the morning, students can get acquainted with the local (student) sports clubs thanks to the Student Sport Centre Eindhoven or Tilburg University Sports Center. Afterwards, Purple offers a variety of activities that you can sign up for, from swimming to bowling. This offer will be further explained during the MS Teams meetings. At the end of the afternoon, the square party takes place in Eindhoven and Tilburg. This is a party organized by the municipalities and/or hospitality industry in collaboration with Fontys. In Eindhoven, all educational institutions are invited to this event. After dinner, students can find their own way to various hospitality venues. The pub crawl starts within walking distance from the square at 10:00 PM. Here, students can have a drink at various pubs listed on the stamp card.

Get your festival ticket!

Please note: a ticket is included for the entire introduction week. So you do NOT have to buy a separate festival ticket if you participate in the introduction week as a first-year student (intro-kid) or supervisor (intro-parent).

Buy a festival ticket as a Fontys student, -employee or alumni

We want to invite Fontys students, -employees and alumni to the Purple Festival. Buy your Purple Festival ticket here, full = full.

Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys

A relatively new part of Purple is the Welcome Party, which takes place in the garden of Campus Rachelsmolen. This activity is for international students and all those involved in Fontys' international programs. This activity is centered on getting to know each other and a 'Warm Welcome' @ Fontys. During the BBQ, students have time to get to know each other better, but various partners are also present to help with questions about banking, transportation, and housing, among others. Participation in the BBQ is based on registration; no registration = no place. Senior students from international programs, teachers, buddies, or non-international students are also welcome provided they have registered.