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Annual check conditions residence permit study

Annual check conditions residence permit study

It is obliged by the Dutch Immigration law to carry out an annual check to determine whether or not you still meet the requirements which allow you to have a Dutch residence permit.

The conditions you have to meet:

  • A valid residence permit study. 
  • An insurance covering health care, repatriation costs and strongly advised liability (must be valid at least until the end of the current academic year or until the expected end date of your study). 
  • Proof you have enough financial means for your day-to-day living expenses (1220 euro per month).
    If you have a sponsor who provides your Living Expenses you will also have to upload copies of your bank statement, showing the monthly transfers.
  • Acknowledge you are aware of the conditions of your residence permit STUDY.
  • You must have achieved sufficient educational progress, at least 50% of the nominal credits per academic year. Your study department will (also) provide this information to us.

    At the appropriate time you will receive information via Visacare+ to start the annual check procedure. This procedure only applies if you have a regular residence permit study. You can expect this message yearly by October 1st.