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Employee participation

Employee participation

Employee participation is a manager's 'critical friend'. So too at Fontys. Parties acknowledge and respect each other's role and position within our organisation. Participation councils have the right of consent on a number of issues. They can give the Executive Board solicited and unsolicited advice.

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Participation works on three levels at Fontys: - Central (CPC) - At services and the institutes (PCS and IPC) - At educational level (educational committees).


The Central Participation Council (CPC) is the Executive Board’s dialogue partner. The Council is made up of eleven students and eleven staff members elected by direct suffrage. They discuss Fontys-wide strategic and tactical issues with the Executive Board. The CPC can give both solicited and unsolicited advice on subjects that are important to, or have consequences for, Fontys as a whole. In addition, the CPC has the statutory right of consent on a number of issues, as per the participation regulations.

PCS and IPC 

The Participation Council Service (PCS) is made up of employees and the Institute's Participation Council (IPC) is made up of both employees and students. They discuss policy matters of the department or institute concerned with the Director.

Programme level 

At programme level, lecturers and students in the Programme Committee discuss programme implementation with the programme manager. As such they help safeguard educational quality.

Participation Centre

The Participation Centre (PC) is the fulcrum for participation and student participation. The PC provides support on a centralised and decentralised level. It provides tailor-made services to participation councils, study programme committees and their dialogue partners. The professionalisation of participation (through training and education) and advising on the organisation and its structure are pivotal.