Offering and selecting projects

Universities can offer and select The I2E2 projects for the coming season.

How to use the offering and selection of projects?

A document will be available on MsTeams to collect all proejct offers and selecting data.

I want to add my own project

In the menu you can find information about projects that are uploaded by several Universities. (See documents with following names: "Descriptions for I2E2 ‘Institute name' projects for autumn 2021.docx"). If you want to add a project from your university, please upload your project document with the project description according to the template (“Template for I2E2 project description.docx”). Fill in the title of the project into the table as shown. In the column "University offering I2E2 project". Please add the name of your university.

This list will be available at the MsTeams databank.

I want to select a project and/ or be attached to a project

Should you want to select a project from a participating University, you want to collaborate with, please use put the name of that University in the column "University which wants to select a project". Your university name will be shown at the selected project as being a partner university in that specific project. Once a university has selected a collaboration with another University, this is permanent and may not be changed by another University. It is assumed two universities work together in an I2E2 project, if more universities want to collaborate on the same project please and both universities in the selecting column.

You can find this and further information in MsTeams.