General agenda for I2E2 projects about important dates

DateWhat to do?What to deliver?
May 2022Universities offer their project descriptionsProject descriptions uploaded in MS Teams
June 2022Universities select their projects and collaboration with participating UniversitySelection of collaborative projects
June 2022Connective meeting of collaborating UniversitiesOnline meeting or a visit to a collabarate university
June 2022Choosing University who organize the I2E2 symposiumUniversity who organizes I2E2 symposium
Sept - Oct 2022Universities will start the I2E2 projectsGroups and students are going to work in project
Sept 2022Students organize meetingsHaving online meetings
Seot 2022Teachers organize regular meetingsHaving online meetings
Oct 2022Visit to the collaborative UniversityStudents will travel
Nov 2022Students have concept report readyConcept report
Jan 2023Final products will be deliveredStudents deliver: Paper, presentation, poster, video
Jan 2023Contribution to the I2E2 symposiumI2E2 symposium