Information for Universities

Outlines for I2E2 projects:

I2E2 organization, to arrange collaborative Innovation Engineering projects.

1. The I2E2 council will discuss and decide on
a. conditions of collaboration and participation,
b. who will organize the I2E2 symposium each year?
c. admission of new partners asking for participation in the network,
d. new innovation themes for projects,
e. operational documents and standards to support Universities in organizing collaborative Innovation projects with the network.

2. The council shall appoint a chairperson for the network for the duration of three years.

3. Each University will nominate one member to take part during the council meetings.

4. The I2E2 organization will assist participating Universities to choose partner University for collaboration and implementation of the Innovation project.

5. Each year every University will submit interesting Innovation project themes to the council. All the submitted project-themes will be uploaded on a common cloud-based platform as Ms Teams; this will ensure the information is fully accessible to all members.Thereafter, interested member universities will commence discussions on collaboration details.

6. In order to uploading and download documents, participating Universities must have access to the MsTeams data platform. The council is responsible for granting access to participating persons from universities.