How to join the I2E2 network

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

Conditions for new Universities to enter.

Network: outlines

1.The I2E2 network consist of collaborating Universities who want their students to get the opportunity to work on an Innovation project togetherin teams (of regularly 3 to 5 students per university).

2.The I2E2 network gives partners the opportunity to get connected to other Universities and so it supports internationalization aspects and Intercultural and Interdisciplinary approaches.

3.Regular meetings will be planned to discuss new developments within the network.

4.The network will organizeon annual basis a I2E2 symposium; in the I2E2 symposium, students will showcase the results of their Innovationprojects. Each year, one of the partners will organize and invite other partners and students to the I2E2 symposium.

5.The I2E2 network will organize online workshops on topics such as innovation development, project organization or writing and oral presentations. These are significant subjects to all students and by providing them, we ensure that students from different Universities cooperate with the same standard and focus, and it will optimize students’ collaboration in the projects.

6.The network will recommend that students meet in person at the beginning and end (at symposium) of the project. Students need to be
given the opportunity to travel. This can be organized with ERASMUS funds.

7.The network will work out operational standards which will be available for all participating Universitieson all projects’ related activities.

8.The network will be governed through a I2E2 council which will take initiatives to connect Universities and provide basic conditions, allowing different Universities to collaborate in Innovation projects.