Description of the project

Students will prepare themselves for their entrance in the engineering market. Each student has, or should have, an expectation of what they want to be in their career.

Some students want to work in production plants while others want to take more effort in R&D jobs, and again, others want to work in an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial way. In whatever way, companies desire for their employees to work towards real lucrative innovations. I2E2 project give students the opportunity to develop their capabilities and competences into the complex world of innovation development.

Students will experience what it means to find an invention. This is often hard to find. To make it more according to company goals, students need to check if their invention is really interesting for a market. Therefore, students also need to write a business plan in which the profitability can be seen and therefore the new invention can be seen as an innovation. The aim of this project is to give students experiences on developing innovations. Then, they are better prepared to be able to take an active role in innovation developments in companies they are going to work for in the future.

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